Treasures of Italian Violin Making, Vol. II, 2017

The 1690 Tuscan Violin

The “Tuscan” by Antonio Stradivari is one of the four instruments and the only violin remaining from the “Medici Quintet”, which Stradivari made in 1690 for the Grand Prince of Tuscany. Currently housed at the Museo degli strumenti musicali dell’Accademia di Santa Cecilia, Rome, the violin is one of the rare Stradivari’s instruments in pristine state of preservation, still fully covered with its original varnish and is an ideal subject for studying the Cremonese Master’s methods and style.

Edizioni Scrollavezza & Zanrè and Jan Röhrmann are publishing in cooperation a very fine series of life-sized monographs entitled “Treasures of Italian Violin Making“. Single rare instruments will be expertly documented in daylight and in UV radiation with magnifications up to 500x, Varnish analysis, comprehensive historical and scientific research and micro-tomography. An extensive table of measurements, studies on arching, thicknesses and material characteristics for each example will also be included. Preface by Charles Beare, with contributions by Alessandra Barabaschi, Annalisa Bini, Brigitte Brandmair, Fausto Cacciatori, Carlo Chiesa, Alberto Giordano, Rudolf Hopfner, Laboratory Arvedi, Peter Ratcliff and Andrea Zanrè.


photos by Jan Röhrmann
limited edition of 800 copies
88 pages
45,7 x 28,5 cm format
texts in English
DVD with multimedia extra contents & sound recording by Fabio Biondi
Special offer Vol. I & Vol. II: 210,00 Euro (excl. tax) plus shipping

„A remarkable instrument, one of the finest examples of Stradivari’s work, probably unique in the preservation […] it enables us to stand, in imagination, as contemporaries of the great master, and to see and handle a violin just as it left his workshop.”

W. E. Hill & Sons, The “Tuscan”, London 1891 

„…an inspiration, in fact. It is the closest any of us will get to looking over the maestro´s shoulder on a Cremonese morning in 1690.“

(John Dilworth, The Strad Magazine, May 2018) 

The Complete Works by Beares Publishing

Expected release summer 2024

...aims to be an illustrated catalogue of all the instruments made by the master luthier and his sons.


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