Advance notice of the upcoming
multi-volume photo book series

How many del Gesù?

A complete Iconography of the surviving Oeuvre of Bartolomeo Giuseppe Guarneri known as Joseph Guarnerius del Gesù.

The original - the most comprehensive collection of all time for a very long time. By Michael A. Baumgartner

The passion of the author Michael A. Baumgartner, violin maker and expert in Basel, Switzerland, is to create a complete iconographic work on Guiseppe Guarneri del Gesù. His research, which already spans more than forty years, includes a meticulously recorded history of the individual instruments, which was created in part through exchanges with international colleagues. Evaluations from extensive and important historical archives lead to many corrections and reclassifications. His recorded total index includes a number of about 200 instruments.

Jan Roehrmann, a professional photographer specializing in the documentation of string instruments, has already been able to document more than half of all instruments. In 14 different views each, the photos are shown in the original large 1:1 format, as proven from several publications. Dimensions and dendrochronological investigations for each instrument are listed in a separate volume. To ensure easy handling of the books, fewer instruments will be distributed over more books.
In addition to the wealth of information that will be prepared for the forthcoming work on Guarneri del Gesù, a further highlight will be the documentation of some selected, particularly well-preserved examples in accompanying extra volumes.These will be presented in much greater photographic detail as:

  • arching templates produced from industrial CT scans
  • precise outlines of top back & ribs, detailed thicknessing maps & measurements
  • analysis of patina & added materials
  • macro photos UV/VIS for revealing varnish stratification, penetration & wear patterns
  • structured light 3d modelling
  • RTI imaging with three different wavelengths of light
  • infrared lightstudies of interiors
  • acoustic analyses

As the project progresses, we will be able to announce which instruments will be involved.

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The expected publication date will be 2025.

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