published by Edizioni Scrollavezza & Zanrè, 2012

Joannes Baptista Guadagnini

Following the 2011 exhibition at the Parma Galleria Nazionale celebrating the 300th anniversary of Giovanni Battista Guadagnini’s birth, Scrollavezza & Zanrè issues a major publication dedicated to the instruments on display. Some of the finest examples of Guadagnini’s production trace back the phases of the great maker’s career: starting from his first steps in Piacenza, his stay in Milano, the important period in Parma and his later years in Torino. Mainly beautifully pictured by Jan Röhrmann, the instruments are illustrated life-sized, permitting experts and enthusiasts to appreciate all the details and subtleties of Guadagnini’s working methods and style. The publication is enriched with historical and technical essays written by world renowned experts. An extensive table of measurements, studies on arching, thicknesses, material characteristics and varnish will make the book an invaluable source of information. 24 instruments reproduced in 1:1 scale, including violas and cellos. 8 views per instrument: complete front and rear views, top, back and four scroll views in natural size; varnish study in visible and ultraviolet light for fluorescence comparison; advanced studies of selected instruments with frequency response tests and computed tomography allow in-depth insight into the instruments’ materials, structure and acoustics.


photos by Jan Röhrmann
240 pages  incl. 2 poster of  2 cellos ( 1743 „Ngeringa“ & 1757 „Teschenmacher“)
45,7 x 32,5 cm forma
life-sized printed photos of 24 instruments ( 19 violins, 3 violas, 2 cellos)
limited edition of 1000 numbered copies
bound in fine cloth
texts in English
nearly sold out! No. 11-20 for sale only, incl. 2 cello poster / price: 600,00 Euros (excl. tax) plus shipping

„Most magnificently impressive contribution (…) making this possibly the most complete book of analysis ever produced on any maker.“

John Dilworth, The Strad, December 2012

The Complete Works by Beares Publishing

Expected release summer 2024

...aims to be an illustrated catalogue of all the instruments made by the master luthier and his sons.


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